What is this?

Learn the words is a little help to learning words of a foreign language. You can create your own database of words and then you can test yourself or even expand your vocabulary.

Is this a dictionary then?

Well, yes and no.

No, it is not ...

... because it doesn't contain all the words like other paper based or on-line dictionaries.

Yes, it is ...

... which is created and expanded by you and a lot of other people. On one hand it is your personal dictionary with the words you upload. On the other hand, the words uploaded by you and all the others will be added to the common dictionary which is continuously expanding this way.

And how does it test me?

It is easy. Simply click on Test me at the appropriate dictionary and there it goes. You can do this with your own dictionary or if you are brave enough, the common dictionary.

All right, how do I start?

You can immediately start testing yourself from the common dictionaries. Although this might not be the best option if you are only starting to learn a language now.

Best is if you register and create your personal dictionary which you can then expand i.e. lesson-by-lesson and you can test yourself. This way your vocabulary will get richer by the day, of course only if you learn the words.

Have fun learning!